B.A.G. Skills

"The more we learn, the most we wish to learn" [Jorge Gaspar, A, 1, c]

- Impact and Edged Weapons Tactics
- Tactical Firearms
- Restrain and Immobilisation System (RIS)
- Risk Management
- Threat Assessment
- CQB Tactics

B.A.G. main focus

Our main focus is the education person protectors on all continents in over 84 countries. We provide Bodyguard Services and Personal Security all around the world. We also provide security services in several areas of expertise such as:
- personal protection
- residence protection
- private detective agency
- property security services
- plant and factory security
- event protection
Our goal is to be the most innovative Security Company and Bodyguard Academy in the World. Expanding is the natural byproduct of our philosophy where we value relationships and quality.

B.A.G. Ethics

"I will always show the highest degree of integrety" [Jorge Gaspar, A, 7, c]

As a member of BODYGUARD ACADEMY GERMANY, I acknowledge that it is my personal responsibility to further the professional development of everyone who works in the protection industry. I will always show the highest degree of integrety in my professional duties and will perform with professional competence...

B.A.G. Instructors

"Our main focus is the education person protectors on all continents in over 84 countries." [Jorge Gaspar, A, 2, c]

- Military Instructors from European Union and U.S. Special Operations **
- Police Instructors ...

B.A.G. Security Services

"Professional Secrecy is an absolute must for our company" [Jorge Gaspar, A, 5, c]

- Bodyguard Service
- Close Protection Officer Service
- Yacht Security
- Air Security
- ...

B.A.G. The Academy

"Our training program is internationally recognized and our methods are passed successfully bodyguards, which ensure the safety of dignitaries, business leaders, public figures, judicial officials and other people at risk..."

[Jorge Gaspar A, 11, c]