B.A.G. Code of Ethics

As a member of BODYGUARD ACADEMY GERMANY (B.A.G.), I acknowledge that it is my personal responsibility to further the professional development of everyone who works in the protection industry.

I will always show the highest degree of integrety in my professional duties and will perform with professional competence.

I will not engage in any unethical, illegal, or in any activity that could compromise my responsibilities.

I will commit myself to keep an open mind and to the pursuit of knowledge and information, for the purpose of discovering new methods and systems.

I will be honest when dealing with my principals, fellow bodyguards, and with B.A.G. members.

I acknowledge the great deal of responsibility and trust that has been given to me, and know that I must dedicate myself to the furtherance of the bodyguard profession, meeting the code of ethics of B.A.G. that I sworn to protect.

I recognize that I belong to an international organization and will not engage in any discrimination based on nationality, gender, race or religion.

I will be honest when representing myself to the customers, potential employers and other members of the BAG, not misrepresenting my skills.

I will not present myself as "Instructor" or in any other official position of B.A.G., nor teach knowledge to anyone, without getting written permission from the General Director of Bodyguard Academy Germany.

I will strive to achieve excellence in all areas of the bodyguard profession.

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