B.A.G. Security Services*

"Professional Secrecy is an absolute must for our company""
[Jorge Gaspar, A, 5, c]

- Bodyguard Service
- Close Protection Officer Service
- Yacht Security
- Air Security
- Risk Management
- Personel Security (Home, Office, Factory Security Access Control and Patrol)
- Event Security
- Hotel Security
- Private Investigation
- K-9 Unit

We are operating in the following countries**: European Union, Great Britain, United States, Russia, Canada, Norway, Brasil, Japan, Finland, Sweden, Ucraine, Hong Kong, Mozambique, Angola, Cabo Verde, Guiné, Sao Tomé e Principe, Carribean.

Our goal is to be the most innovative Security Company and Bodyguard Academy in the World. Expanding is the natural byproduct of our philosophy where we value relationships and quality.

*Other Services available upon consult

**Other Countries available on Demand